Odd Audis in UK magazines...

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> Well, last night paging through the one I spotted 2 Audis. I think it
> was the Maxpower magazine. It had an '86 Coupe quattro in stonking
> bright orange paintwork, some odd bodywork and a 2.2 20-valve turbo
> under the hood and I think it was the RS2 motor. The magazine said "S21"
> engine, but me thinks that's a typo so either S2 or RS2.

        I don't know about the Dialynx? one but the orange one was in the
PVW issue for July 2000.  There wasn't an article  specifically on it, but I
am now on the witch hunt to find that front bumper kit for my 4k Q sedan.
        Any other listers out there who can supply a source name for any
article on the Orange 4000 coupe that drag raced at the GTI international
DUB DAZE would be greatly appreciated.
                                                        RR Canada

87 4000S Quattro sedan
89 Jetta GTX 16v (Frankenstien)

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