Programming the remote locking sys

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at
Wed Sep 20 13:43:58 EDT 2000

> A while ago the Senior Tech at Don Rosen had told me that the earlier
> '95.5 to '97 UrS6 separate key fobs were more powerful transmitters than
> the later '98 forward  A4 "switch blade" integrated transmitters.
> Conversely, the earlier '95.5 to '97 car receivers were less sensitive
> than the later '98 forward receivers. According to him if one programmed
> the later less powerful A4 "switch blade" remote to work with the
> earlier less powerful receiver of the UrS he would get a much shorter
> range.
> I have just reprogrammed the Central Locking sys in my '97 UrS6 to
> recognise my wife's '98 A4TQ "switch blade" remote. Indeed the range has
> decreases by twofold. This is definitely not worth doing no matter how
> tempting the conversion to the later "switch blade" key/transmiter may
> appear. 
I would suspect that the transmitter range may have been deliberately
decreased to reduce the chances that a thief could intercept your code and
then break into your car ... 

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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