Another blown H-4

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at
Wed Sep 20 14:14:33 EDT 2000

IMO blue/yellow has nothing to do with it.  I suspect that your real problem
is that when the connector "melted" back when it damaged the contact points
on the connector, creating a high resistance connection.  Now when you run
the lights heat is generated in the connector, which ends up causing the
bulb to blow.  

The problem gets down to the fact that the connectors that came with your
lights are not rated for the amount of power that you are running in your
lights.  I've heard that it is possible to find ceramic H4 sockets at some
of the FLAPS ... you may want to look into that.

The thing is that the euro lamps put down a much better pattern, so I wonder
why you need to go with the higher low beam wattage anyway.  I hope that you
are using relays!  Asking the headlight switch to handle nearly twice the
power it was expected to see might be a bit much ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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>    Hello list
>  Since owning my Euro's I've been very happy,(thanks
> Mike Arman) So the first thing I did was go to Pep
> Boys and got a set of standered H-4 bulbs, then got
> the itch for a set of 90/100W blue bulbs but when it
> rained and when it gets foggy I could hardly see two
> feet in front of me so I called a place in Michigan
> Competition Limited and ordered a set of there 80/100W
> Yellow bulbs in April of this year went on a trip to
> Wisconsin in July and blew the pass side bulb when I
> pulled over to change them the connector was half
> melted(generated a lot of heat) called the guy and he
> shipped me another in mid July, then just this morn I
> left to go to work put the car in reverse, filcked the
> lights and the driver side one blew Whats the deal,
> Since the first one blew I'v stopped using my lights
> in the day only at night, usta drive all day with them
> on with the blue bulbs,
>  I'v had the blue bulbs for a lot longer than the
> yellow ones and have gone through two whats the deal
> with this place anybody deal with this guy?
>  Should I keep gettin bulbs from him or try someone
> else anybody got anyone they can recomend.
> Thanks
> Ron
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