difference between turbo and non-turbo 5-spds?

Mike Korach tm2 at zipcon.net
Wed Sep 20 16:27:13 EDT 2000

Of what I know is that the turbo trans has a four gear forward planetary gear
set versus 3 gears for the non turbo.  It has a different valve assembly, torque
converter and flex plate.  Different plex plate because the turbo converter bolts
up to it in four places instead of three like the (NA box).   You might want to
check Bently of other differences.

Hope this helps.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

Hope this helps

Ameer Antar wrote:

> People have suggested not being picky when going into a conversion, but I
> do see differences between turbo and non-turbo tranny's. The non-turbo has
> a final ratio of 4.111, but the turbo has a ratio of 3.889. I'd get better
> accel. out of the non-turbo tranny, but I'd also higher cruising rpms. But
> the real question is, can I put 170+ horse through that the NA tranny? It
> was designed for something like 100hp. The turbo was 162hp, something much
> more in its range. Is this just a difference in clutches and ring gears, or
> is it actually beefier internal parts? Are the NA and turbo clutches the same?
> I'd like to get a parts car as recommended, but I seem to only find
> non-turbo 5spds or turbo quattros. The non-quattros are actually hard to
> find up here in CT [New England]. any help much appreciated.
> -ameer antar
> '84 5kT...190k miles
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