5kcstq Gas Tank needed

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Sep 20 22:27:53 EDT 2000

Doesn't the quat version have a different shape to accommodate the rear 
drive system?

At 05:35 PM 09/20/2000 -0700, Todd Phenneger wrote:

>I have one if its the same as the 5kt Gas Tank.  Let me know.
>   TOdd
>   Noah Godwin <pchandyman at intrex.net> wrote:
>A while ago I posted something about repairing my gas tank. Well, it looks
>like the tank is too far gone for any sort of repair, so I'm in search of
>I got a reply from someone saying that they had one for me, but I've since
>lost the email (Danke Microshaft) so if they would reply again, I'd be
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