A-pillar Gauge pods on a type 44?

JanDebL at aol.com JanDebL at aol.com
Thu Sep 21 00:49:45 EDT 2000

On my 91 200, I mounted a VDO boost gauge in the center AC vent above the 
radio.  On my wife's 5k, I mounted the gauge in the upper section of the left 
center AC vent. 
Both gauges are in a very visible location and look like they actually belong 
there.  It also gives the passengers something to watch and ask ???
air is not lost, it just goes to another vent) AND THE BUTTERFLY SHUTOFF FOR 
The project isn't too involved, the first time I did one about 8 years ago, I 
went to the junk yard and got a couple of extra vents (~$1 each) to practice 

- Make a template of the OD of your gauge.  A 2 "hole clamp works nice.
- Remove the adjustable louvers in the vent and discard them.
- Place the template over the spare vent and transfer the pattern to the vent 
using a pencil or marking pen.
- Using a good sharp aviation snips or other suitable cutters, clip out the 
remaining louvers.  Stop about an 1/8 inch from your marks and the work your 
way to the marks with a large 1/2 round file.  Trial fit the gauge when you 
get close to the marks and leave enough material so the gauge is a snug fit.
- All of the above can be done in you spare time so you don't have to waste 
time tying up a week end.
- The VDO gauges have a translucent case so you will need to paint it black 
or wrap the housing with black tape to prevent the entire gauge from glowing 
at night.

Installation is slightly more challenging 
- With all the vents removed, you can drill a hole through the plastic AC 
duct and route the pressure tube and light wiring.  I ran both through a 
black harness tubing made for the purpose.  Study the operation of the 
butterfly and locate your hole accordingly.
- A 90 degree elbow on the gauge, will help you route the boost line away 
from the butterfly.
- Not all gauges are the same depth - the new ones are worse.  The last one I 
did, I had to shorten the factory mounting studs to clear the butterfly - not 
a big deal unless you plan to reuse the gauge and need the long studs.
-  Tap into the appropriate dash light wire and the gauge light will dim / 
brighten with the other dash lights.
- Tee into the boost line to the ECU.
- Snap everything into the dash and you're done.

I have also installed an oil pressure gauge in a previous 5k and have a VDO 
coolant temp gauge (in my 200) in one of my AC vents on the left side of the 
dash. Again they all looked nearly stock and the operation is reversible if 

The standard "Your results may very" disclaimer applies.

I can answer questions but I won't be back until Sat.

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