Sometimes I just don't understand. (LAC)

Mike Arman armanmik at
Thu Sep 21 08:54:53 EDT 2000

>personally, I wouldn't feel too good about driving around with any part of
>the brake system out of spec., no matter how small.

Last night, quite late, just before "goodnight, dear", and I'm half asleep,
I hear this:

"Oh I forgot to tell you. The red light for the brakes has been going on
for about a week now in my car . . . "

She's "just too busy" to let me look at it until Saturday - and she was
adamant about it, too!

If you're driving in East Central Florida any time between now and
Saturday, watch out for a white M*zda 323, it may not have any brakes and
the owner doesn't appear to be overly concerned about it because
"everything seems to be working right".

This sounds like the joke about the man who leaped off the Empire State
Building and as he passed the 20th floor, was heard to say "so far, so good!"

I think I've convinced her to stop by my office this afternoon. Sometimes
even smart people (she's a lawyer, facrissake!) don't get it.


Mike Arman

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