Driveshaft play in an 80q

Fred Munro munrof at
Thu Sep 21 22:28:12 EDT 2000

Try re-packing the driveshaft CV joints with CV grease, Javad. I know of one
case where this eliminated the driveshaft "clank" on a high mileage 200q.

Fred Munro
'94 S4 111k km

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>     Since I have owned the car it has always made kind of a "ching a link
> chink" sort of sound from the rear diff after hard acceleration and then
> letting off the gas and just coasting.
>     If I grab the driveshaft with the car sitting still I can turn it
> 30 degrees either way and it makes the same clinking sound.  It seems
> is excessive play in the driveshaft.  Is this normal, what is on its way
> it not?
> Thanks,
> Javad Shadzi
> 80qt
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