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Fri Sep 22 14:27:43 EDT 2000

if you're into performance, there's no reason you should mess w/ 
'all-seasons'. They suck. They give you marginal snow, dry and wet 
traction, just so all the bases are covered. Best bet is to put the snows 
on your old 15" wheels and put summers on the a6 wheels. There are very few 
and very expensive 16" 55-profile tires. At the stock 205-60-15, snows are 
hard enough to find. You will see a huge difference in control w/ real 
snows like blizzaks vs. all-seasons. And buy a nice set for your 16" for 
when snow season is over. There are tons of choices for summers, and there 
are some that do well only dry, wet, or both. If yer on a budget the I 
really liked the Sumitomo HTR100. It was only $45 each and had excellent 
dry/wet performance for such a cheap tire. There are many others that do 
wet and dry...Bridgestine Potenza Pole-position, Pirelli P6000/7000. These 
are quite a bit more expensive. Seriously all-seasons are a waste of money 
b/c you never get the best of both worlds. Tread thickness helps a ton in 
snow, but can be deadly when your really having fun in summer. On 
all-seasons you can actually feel the car move a little as the tread bends 
side to side in fast maneuvering. A good place to research and buy is

good luck.

'84 5kT...190k

At 12:36 PM 9/22/00, you wrote:
>Looking to buy a set of tires.... I live in New England so I want to get all
>season tires..... dont want to replace tires every year but i do drive
>pretty aggressively.  I have an 87 5ktq with a 1.8 bar chip and A-6 16"
>wheels so i will need to go with 205/55/16's   I was considering the Dunlop
>SP8000, however i have been told they wear very fast.  I know there is a
>trade off for grip verses wear but id like to try and stay in the middle for
>both attributes.  Any suggestions ??
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