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Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at
Fri Sep 22 17:35:02 EDT 2000

That's what John at Elgin told me too, Tuesday..we'll see.

John gave me a rundown on the specs fro my 272 - a 470 lift and 234 duration
compared to the stock 240 lift and 195 duration - a nice conservative setup
for the 2.3 swap.

He mentioned the increased number of AUDI cams he's been seeing lately,
which I'm sure is in part due to the Q-list publicity.  He also mentioned
he'd received quite a few I5 Billits for regrind.  

I wrote D.Elgin a letter on this matter a while back, in hopes they would
give us AUDI nuts a little more attention and speed things up a little, and
look into providing some sort of group buy especially for the I5 motors.  I
spoke with Dema Elgin, who personally assured me that the I5 cams were in
their queue with no priority or treatment different than other makes.  They
have just been overwhelmed, and due to the booming economy, understaffed,
and are not cutting corners to speed up production.  I gather, based on my
conversation with John that they will be handling several of the I5 cams in
the near timeframe which will allow them to be a little faster, as they wont
have to reset the machines.

Their website looks more professional now, and John is having information
compiled for AUDIs from the recent flurry of I5 grinds.  This will be my
second.  I expect they will have a spec sheet similar to the VW Water cooled
one up soon.

For those who haven't heard about Elgin, they are an inexpensive alternative
to Shrick(less than half), if you are willing to do some legwork and locate
a suitable solid lifter cam, and wait at least 1 month for the cam to be
ground.  Sounds like they may have some billits too, so maybe you don't have
to provide your own for regrind.


Ben Swann
'85 4KQ - Have some CAM info and pictures posted:


From: Kwattro at
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 14:30:09 EDT
Subject: Elgin Cam update...
To: quattro at

If anyone sent a cam to Elgin, as I did, here is the update as of today.  I 
was interested, as I sent my cam in quite some time ago, and have a track 
event within the next month, so have to get the car back together.  The 
original grind date got pushed back, and they are now scheduled to be ground

on Tuesday.  Not sure who else is doing this right now, but it was indicated

to me that there were a shipment of cams waiting to be ground.  Hope they 
come out good, as it has now been over a month I've been waiting :-) - or 
about 2 times their average turnaround.  I understand that they want to get 
all the cams done at once, but I'd kinda like to drive my car, too.
Any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll answer if I can..

Carter Johnson
Kwattro at

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