Oil warning light

Steve Jensen sjensen at mindspring.com
Sat Sep 23 23:27:01 EDT 2000

Earlier, Leslie Carlson brought forth some questions:

>I have a few questions. Why do my messages to this list get all the wierd
symbols inserted in them, am I doing >something wrong with how I send?

You have HTML and/or MIME turned on when you send your messages.  This
converts to the launch code for the space shuttle or hieroglyphics in
certain latitudes <G>.  When you send your next message to the list, turn
off the above and choose plain text if you are using Microsloth Outlook
Express. Turn off the MIME and the gobbledygook goes away.

>I have a question about the oil warning light on a 90 100Q. The car has
plenty of oil, the oil pressure is fine on >the guage (right at 5 while
driving, down to 2 at hot idle - but no lower than that) and I am getting
everything >from an intermittant flicker to a full blown constant flashing
with warning bell dinging. The car doesn't smoke, >runs like a bat out of
hell and the motor sounds smooth and quiet.

I had a problem like this in my old Jetta, plenty of pressure on the gauge
but the warning buzzer and light scared the heck out of me one day.  Finally
narrowed it down to different brand/different viscosity at the last oil
change.  Changed back to the normal Castrol GTX and it stopped.  Did you
recently change your oil?  Did you change the normal viscosity you use to
something different.  Also, if you have a boatload of miles on your car,
this may be a cause (looser tolerances caused by normal wear).

>Is the oil pressure guage not related to the warning light?

Yes, it is related.  One other thought here:  is your oil topped off - not
almost full but all the way up to the top?  Does the light trigger going
around corners?  Did you change _brands_ of filters?


>I appreciate any help you can give.

Happy to help.

-Steve Jensen
87 5kcstq
87 5kcstqw

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