[5KCSTQ] Multifunction Temp Sensor Connector

frank j. bauer frankbauer at thevine.net
Mon Sep 25 14:52:23 EDT 2000

At 03:24 PM 9/25/00 -0400, Paul Meyers wrote:
>While trouble shooting my latest 5K project, I had occasion to replace the
>multifunction temp sensor. Since the sensor I received had been swaged on
>backward, I needed to rotate the (keyed) connector 180 degrees to press it
>into the sensor. While I was doing this, the connector virtually crumbled
>in, say, 6 pieces. Audi tells me that the part shown in the family album,
>443 971 974, isn't a good number and that there is no replacement. I figure
>used connectors will exhibit the same age-related crumbling character. Any
>suggestions on how I can find a new replacement, 4-pin keyed connector?

443 971 974 is superceded by 893 971 974


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