Head work for 4KQT project

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Tue Sep 26 11:48:08 EDT 2000

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wphelps at rizzo.com writes:

<< For those of you who have done the conversion, is it worth having the 
 valves put in the 4K head so I can keep the vacuum pump? Are there any other
 differences between the 4K and 5KT heads?? (The donor car was an 86 5KT)

    Yes, definitely do it, that is what I did on my 80qt.  When you see the 
turbo and manifold glowing cherry red, you can imagine how much a beating 
those exhaust valves are taking, the sodium is extra insurance against having 
to pull the head and replace valves more than once.  Other than the exh. 
valves, there are no real differences between the heads.  BTW-I also fit 40mm 
intake valves from the later NG/NF motors too, you will have to put in bigger 
seats but it all fits fine.

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