Wheels For Sale

Kerry Griffith Kgriffith at parkcity.k12.ut.us
Thu Sep 28 12:44:16 EDT 2000

Original Ur-Q 15x8 Ronals for sale. These wheels look great, but two of them
aren't straight. When on the car, a vibration can be felt around 50-60 mph.
It isn't horrible, but I wouldn't represent them as perfect (the way the
Q-Club member who sold them to me for $750 did).
In addition to Ur-Q coupes, they'll also fit '91 200q and 91-93 V8, even
with UFO brakes. I know because I used them as summer wheels on both an UR-Q
and a '91 200q for several years. $250 obo plus shipping.

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