Good driving roads in Vermont?

Audi A4 a4 at
Sat Sep 30 13:34:53 EDT 2000

> south on rt 100. eventually you will come to rt17 in
> Waitsfield. You will drive right past Mad River Glen,
> it is a very steep winding road, very fun!! Follow it
> all the way and you will meet up with rt 7, take it

Stop talking about Mad River Glen.  You are making me remember how much
fun that place is.  And the weather is just starting to change, I don't
need these reminders!!!  I just traded my 97 A4 with my MRG "Ski it if you
can" sticker on the top of the rear window for a 01 A4.   And the little
snow flake was on my display the first morning I drove to work.


I need to get another sticker from MRG's website.

01 1.8tqm with 450 miles

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