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Where can you get slotted rotors for 5k's? I bought the powerdiscs for only 
a few bucks more than the OE discs. Are there slotted rotors avail. for as 
good a price? Also, are there any places w/ zinc coated discs? The only one 
I can find are drilled, which is not what I'm looking for...too espensive + 
shorter life. The zinc coated ones look nice though and keep from rusting 
where the pads don't touch. Any advice appreciated.

'84 5kT...190k

At 04:32 AM 9/30/00, you wrote:

>While a hot brake disk may not have moisture on it,  Driving around in 
>deep snow and heavy deep rain sure as hell does get them wet and after say 
>10 minutes on the highway in 6" snow when you slam on the brakes  (or 
>rather ease into them) wet disks dont stop.  IMHO  (and the exp of many 
>rally drivers) slotted rotors do clean the moisure off and thus eliminate 
>that moment of panic when you feel you have no brakes.  Granted, cold pads 
>sometimes dont work to well but some do.  Comparison is with same pads 
>that work great when cold, jsut not wet.
>     Also, the cleaning action also works for Mud, dirt, grime (that 
> includes brake dust) etc.  I like draditional slotted rotors better than 
> powerdisc's  because they clean better.  water is a non issue of 
> comparison but mud and dirt is.  The ATE's dont give it anywhere to be 
> thrown, other slotted rotors do.  If you live in LA or somewhere where 
> you get now snow and mud then they are fine, otherwise I prefer the other 
> options.
>   Just my opinion.    And in response to Greg's question,  I believe that 
> most people install with the slots moving backwards.  IE<  the hub 
> portion of slot leads the outer portion when driving forward.  The other 
> way tends to suck the pads in which I remember from a theread a few 
> months ago some people liked for soem reason.  But I think most havbe 
> them suck out.
>   Todd
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>>In a message dated 00-09-29 23:44:01 EDT, you write:
>><< On the other rotor, the slots are front slash /. Which rotor goes on
>>the left side and which goes on the right? Does it make any difference? It
>>seem that in one instance the squeezing brake pads will cause the gases
>>moisture to flow towards the hub and in the other instance they would flow
>>the edge of the rotor. Which is better and why?
>>Greg J
>> >>
>>Get Ate powerdiscs (radius cut rotors...) , and remember that there isn't 
>>moisture on a activated brake disc, and the pad compounds of today do not
>>generate gases like old compounds. So what are the slots for? Massive
>>amounts of brake dust - they provide a channel for it. For those interested,
>>this was from a BMWCCA school lecture on brake performance, in which I asked
>>a brake expert (t! he founder of DECH mustangs, which mostly concentrate on
>>braking/suspension work) if I had spent the money in the right area by
>>getting slotted instead of drilled. The answer was a resounding yes, with
>>the aforementioned explaination why...
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