Any tire recommendations, 205/50r15?

James Marriott marriott at
Sun Apr 1 20:59:07 EDT 2001

> Note, BFG came out with a reasonable priced high perf tire, the
> KDW (dry/wet) and the KDWS (dry/wet/snow) which hasn't been
> "tested" by a lister yet.

Eau contrair (Esperanto for "el wrongo."), mon frier (Yiddish for
"the man who fries my potatoes."). I am happy, sort of, to report
having run the KDW 215-50-16 for about 4k miles last summer/fall,
including 150 miles at PIR in November. The report: pretty cheap
($565 on the car, from Discount's local outlet), pretty loud,
good "road" handling wet or dry, ride comfort is not much
different from the 215-60-15 Comp TAs I run in the winter, except
over _really_ bad train tracks and such (stock springs, Spax
adjustable struts/shocks). However, after one lap on el tracko,
they give up, and have about 0.07 "g" cornering performance.
Oddly, after all that time squealing and understeering around
PIR, they showed no wear except for the inner edges of the tread
blocks being rounded off.

Summary: I would buy them again, for an OK/cheap street tire, but
not for the track (maybe OK for autox, if anyone is foolish
enough to try same in these giant wallowing beasts).

cu, James Marriott
'87 4kq (alias "late-B2 90q") with rare NG engine, 181k
'89 200q (MC1, ProconTen/no bag, 1.8 blah blah), 132k
Boise, ID, USA

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