#1275 - profiling!

Mitchell S. Haskins mhaskins1 at home.com
Mon Apr 2 13:56:11 EDT 2001

I hate to say this, but I don't think any of you know EXACTLY what profiling
is.  Being African-American, MOST car dealerships HAVE treated me like I
couldn't afford anything I was looking at (I CAN afford what I look at), or
I was about to steal the wheels off the showroom models.  I have YET to be
satisfied at a new car dealership, and the ONLY satisfaction I ever got
buying a car was from a USED CAR DEALERSHIP.  The salesmen were friendly,
COMPETENT, and willing to let me drive a car for a 7-day period to see if I
really wanted to buy...

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When I was 16, I stopped at a Ford dealer on the way home from school.
wouldn't even let me sit in a mustang. Talking about a mustang2 here. When I
went to a Porsche dealer I was treated like royalty. I bought my first  911
(used) at 19 and have owned one ever since then.


Edward Birch wrote:

> > Subject: musings and condenser cleaner....
> > Went to VAG/Porsche dealer yesterday<snip>was dressed in an old
> > crappy shirt, old crappy shorts and old crappy sneakers.  As I read the
> > sticker on a Boxster a salesman asked if I had any Porsche questions.
> Yes,
> > can I have one please? (normally profiling angers me, but clearly this
> > saleman had the wrong guy).
> Go into a Mercedes Benz dealership dressed like that!    OR, drive up in a
> MB Turbo-Diesel. Salesmen there won't even speak to you.  BTDT.   Never
> that some of us can pay cash for a $70,000 German car.
> Nothing worse than a snooty German car salesman!
> Ed Birch...93-100S

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