Engine bay fire expected?

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Tue Apr 3 09:09:00 EDT 2001

There is a drain hose attached to the end of the control
pressure regulator valve on the MC-2.  It comes away from
the front of the valve and is tie-wrapped to the suspension
under the car.  I've just done the front right brakes, and
noticed that the lower end of the hose, open to atmosphere,
is damp and the underbody aft of it is suspiciously clean.

Anyone had one of these valves go?  Probst discusses the
possibility, I believe.

I wouldn't be quite so worried but inspection of the valve itself
(buried right under the wing/fender) shows the drain hose
slipping off.  Can I get to the sod to push it back on?  Nothing
I have will reach it.

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