Embarrassing sway bar fit Q on 4k

Dwight & Tina Varnes mxbreed at lancnews.infi.net
Tue Apr 3 08:18:58 EDT 2001

Something is amiss, and it's probably so simple I'll kick myself later,
My CGT with the 'end link' style front sway bar presently has the sway
bar/link ends hitting the bottoms of the strut. This make for some
interesting steering at times. I had it off completely when I replaced
the engine and I'm sure somehow it is not installed properly, but I
can't see what could be changed.
What I really ought to have is an image of the correct way it goes on I
suppose. My local 4kcsq for comparison is gone until the weekend, and
none of the books illustrate the arrangement with any detail.  If anyone
could forward an image of the end link arrangement on your car I'd be
delighted beyond words.

Dwight Varnes
Baffled in PA
86 CGT, 2.3, Schrick, 5-2-1, lightened flywheel, balanced, H4s, rear
discs, 16" Team Dynamics, 4kq front bar, Addco rear bar, Safety Devices
roll bar, 2.25" exhaust, Corbeau seat, are you impressed yet, my credit
card company sure is

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