temp-mpg relationship

Eric Fletcher S.O.C. Steadi at swbell.net
Wed Apr 4 12:24:03 EDT 2001

> At the risk of starting a Thread From Hell, would any of our more
> tech-oriented listers like to take a whack at why, as temperatures rise in
> the late winter into the early spring (in the Northeast U.S., in this case),
> gas mileage improves?  I was averaging 20.1 mpg in February.  I was
> averaging 21 mpg in March.  Now I'm nipping at the 22 mpg mark.  Type of
> driving and type of fuel are not factors: I have not altered my driving
> routine -- about 75 percent highway and about 25 percent city.  I have not
> altered the kinds or octane of the fuel I use.

Well it's probably due to the winter gas which contains methanol which
reduces your mileage.

Eric Fletcher
'00 S4tt

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