Brett Dikeman quattro at
Wed Apr 4 19:41:38 EDT 2001

And now, through special PoserVision technology(the result of a freak
accident that occured when an audiworld editor shorted out his computer 
with a cup of pea soup**), we give you...a sample posting if we were at

(wobbly screen)

d00d   where can I get the blue stuff in those photos for
1.8tFG/CC/FW/ST/SW*!?!?!??!?!?  apr?!?!?!?!?  when will they have a fancy
clear resin replica of that funny aluminium thing for my turbo?  how much
power will it give me? must be a lot because they used a cad program to
make it, wow.  will they have their girlfriends there at the
press conference to show it off?!?!?!?!?!  why can i only type capitals 
for my cars description and only use punctuation for smileys by the way
did anyone else see the new britney spears commercial it is so k3w1 im
going to go get her latest album now if mom gives me the money but i just
bought a shift knob so maybe she wont

:-) 8-o ;-) :-) 8-o ;-)  <---ASCII interpretation of animated gif smily


(wobbly screen, announcer says "restoring to normalvision!")



*(translation: front grille, climate control, four wheels, spare tire,
steering wheel)  These guys make "87 5kcstq" look like baby talk.

**(obscure joke unless you're a Victor Borge fan :)

(this post was inspired by a Audiworld posting which read, "what
kinds of music do you guys like to listen to in your s4?  I like Britney
Spears! -S4girl")

On Wed, 4 Apr 2001 quk at wrote:

> "Engines of this type are directly derived from the ones used
> in the S6 and were used in high speed test runs in Nardo"

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