Audi 200 timing belt tensioners???

Gerard gerard at
Thu Apr 5 10:49:19 EDT 2001

> All the 10V fives have an idler/tensioner/bearing on the right
> side of the engine. Unlike the 4-cyls, it does NOT move. Rather,
> adjustment is via the stupid sliding water pump.

Odd, I didn't see the idler pulley on ETKA which is what I use to look
things up. Anyway, I quoted the part number given in the other post and
they have it in stock. $23 for it.

Thanks guys.

> Your "mechanics" are both idiots. Why not buy a book and the
> tools and do it yourself?

Didn't have the book at the time, nor the tools. Engine needed a
rebuild, not just a timing belt change. I've got the tools now, apart
from the locking tools. I've even got myself a 6 ft. tall torque wrench.

As for them being idiots... you couldn't be more right. Basically, the
one is a total con-artist. Never finishes a project he starts on. This I
learnt when he got started on my car. The "engineer" is also a bit of a
bullsh1tter, but that comes with the territory over here. His work,
however, is good judging by what I've seen him work on. He calls the
"mechanic" a "book mechanic" and it is so true.

It's a pity that Bentley extended the release date for their CDROM
version of the manuals for this car. I was ready to buy. Another lister
has already given me the schematics for the cam/crank locking tool which
I can have made up. Apart from the engine overhaul (cleaning, new
bearings, rings, etc.), the rest of work I will be doing.

Anyway, I will be picking up the idler pulley today and will get it out
to the engineer tomorrow or monday (if I order the cam sprocket) and
then I'll look at progress. Pity I've got no transport to get out there
on a regular basis. :)



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