4KQ and 5KT and TQ parts available

MHLIGGINS at aol.com MHLIGGINS at aol.com
Thu Apr 5 21:14:57 EDT 2001

    Due to an unpleasant discussion with the local powers-that-be, I'm going 
to have to turn some Audis into parts. We have an '84 4KQ that we need to 
sell. It's in fair condition, comes with extra wheels and tires. Looking for 
$550 for it. I was using it as a daily driver up until a couple months ago.
    I also have an '87 4KQ parts car. Engine seized, but other parts OK. I 
have the front grill and some other trim pieces off and ready to ship. Drive 
shaft and rear diff are in the shop behind the house. Let me know what you 
might need and what you consider fair market value, since my time for 
research into that stuff is very limited right now.
    There is an '87 5KCSTQ. Compression on the engine is in the 100-105 psi 
range, but it is running. Body is OK, paint isn't. If someone wants a 
complete parts car, make an offer. If you need specific parts, maybe 
something can be done if Plan A doesn't work. No Fuchs or any special items 
as far as I can tell.
    Last item is an '86 5KT with the slushbox. We bought it specifically for 
parts. We've never tried to start it, we've removed some parts but lots are 
still there.
    I know there are a couple extra intercoolers and K-27 turbos. We will 
definitely let the intercoolers go, and maybe the turbos.
    Direct responses appreciated due to my current schedule.
    Now, with my schedule the way it is, I will respond to you in short order 
via email. Getting things together to get them shipped may take a bit of 
time. We are in the closing weeks of school and it takes lots of effort for 
me to teach the kids this time of year. Weekends are about the only time I 
can get anything done, and they seem to blow by before I realize they have 
even started.  :-(

    All located near Bucksnort, Tennessee.   :-)

    Later, all!

    --Marty Liggins

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