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Thu Apr 5 17:32:55 EDT 2001

Howdy folks, just in case you weren't sure what this post is about, 
it's about my 4kq ISV.
When I start my car -- if it's warmed up, it starts right up... Even on 
a warm DAY it starts fairly well (usually anyhow), however, the 
colder it is, the more trouble the car has.. Not that it doesn't turn 
over or anything like that, it's just that it runs, and stutters... Wants 
to die about every 4 seconds or so, and then surges.  
On a cold cold morning, I usually have to nurse the gas for the first 
30 seconds or so to keep it alive and then let it run for a few 
minutes before I start driving.  (otherwise there is more hesitation 
than acceleration)
I figured the ISV was sticking, makes sense right?  So I pulled it 
out, cleaned it up with some carb cleaner overnight and flushed it 
out as best I could.
That didn't change a thing at all, and figure an easy solution may 
be to just get a new one?  But they're pretty pricey for such a little 
doo-dad and wonder if maybe I could look anywhere else before I 
go and do that...
One thing I did notice is that if the key is in the on position but the 
car is not started, the ISV continually makes a series of buzzing 
noises, vibrates, and gets kinda warm... Is that normal?  I dont 
know how the thing works really.


PS You guys are the best, I've saved a few hundred dollars over the 
past few months thanks to simple advice I've gotten on this list. :)

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