MAC-11B versus MAC-11C

David Head v8q at
Thu Apr 5 22:53:42 EDT 2001

Actually, the 11B has a more aggressive advance curve and forms the basis for
the QLCC...

MHLIGGINS at wrote:

>     We recently bought an '86 5KTQ that was in New Jersey by way of
> Pennsylvania. Someone had removed the original ECU and wastegate spring and
> replaced them with parts from a car with an auto trans. The only good news
> was that I had a spare set from a parts car.
>     So, since the original MAC-11B is kinda useless in the TQ, is there any
> chance that it can be reprogrammed as a QLCC ?
>     Direct replies appreciated since my current schedule precludes me doing
> much list monitoring these days.  :-(
>     Thanks, all!
>     --Marty Liggins

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