I'm steaming

Kent McLean kentmclean at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 8 00:43:38 EDT 2001

Well, my '89 200 TQ is.  I came off the highway after a 
1-1/2 hour run, and got caught in traffic on the off ramp 
onto S. Willow St. in Manchester (NH to those in the UK).
Took 10 minutes to work my way up the ramp when the water 
temp. warning light came on and the chime went off, 
followed by huge clouds of steam billowing out from the 
edges of the hood. D*mn. 

Looking under the hood, lots of green water everywhere,
the sweet smell of antifreeze. I couldn't tell the source. 
It may be a hose, it may be the radiator (although the 
bottom of the radiator seemed dry). 

I let AAA take it to my local service station. They don't 
open until Monday. Until then, I'll dream of getting rid 
of it for an S6.  And I'll stop thinking of upgrading to
a cheap V8, which doesn't get me past the problem of 
maintaining an old car.

Kent McLean
(who is very happy that BC beat UND tonight in overtime
for the NCAA Men's Div. 1 Ice Hockey championship.)

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