It's official, a 2.3 4000 quattro is amazing....

James Marriott marriott at
Sat Apr 7 23:35:52 EDT 2001

> On Sat, 07 Apr 2001 07:09:57 -0400, Brendan/Coolian wrote:
> >To sum up, I (a very general "I") took a 2.3 NF-code engine
from an 88 5000
> >quattro, had it rebuilt, and reassembled it. Then I threw it
into my 4kq
> >and started it up. What a difference!
> How much credit should go to the NF engine, and how much to the
> rebuild?

I swapped a run-of-the-mill used NG into my 180k 4kq, changing
nothing but the clutch/front&rear seals//WP stuff. Compression
went from 128-135 to 185-195, same head/FI/manifolds/etc. Both
engines showed the same (ie, zero/zip/nada; no ridge ream, hone
marks still visible, etc) wear. FWIW, cold oil pressure is 80+
PSI (~5 bar); hot is 25/70 (2/5 bar) with 10-40 Amsoil.

YMMV, but I'm sure happy (with the "easy" performance).

cu, James Marriott
'87 4kq (alias "late-B2 90q") with rare NG engine, 181k
'89 200q (MC1, ProconTen/no bag, 1.8 blah blah), 132k
Boise, ID, USA

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