It's official, a 2.3 4000 quattro is amazing....

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at
Sun Apr 8 02:50:28 EDT 2001

> >How much credit should go to the NF engine, and how much to the
> >rebuild?
> Don't know...I've driven a 4kq with a stock new engine (former engine
> blew 
> and the guy had the dealer replace) and it was nice and smooth, but 
> DEFINITELY not torquey.  Huw's 89 90 with an NG is very torquey and he
> can 
> snap my head back if he shifts quickly enough.  So, I guess my answer
> would 
> be "some in the rebuild, but most in the NF"...But then again, I don't
> know 
> anything...

I'll second that (the bit about the power, not the lack of knowledge :). After 
getting out of my 4kq and into the 90q the power band is much stronger all the 
way through the revs, right up to redline. Whereas the 4kq moto's feel like 
they've hit a brick wall at 5k+. Already bumped the rev limiter several times 
in the 90 and wished there were more, it was still pulling so strong. The only 
time I hit the limiter in the 4kq was when I deliberately wound it out, just to 
see if it was working... yeah, that's it...

Anyway the 90, though it does weighs ~90-100 pounds more than the 4kq drives 
and feels like a much stronger, faster car. Can't wait till the turbo is in it 
though... <sigh>...

'89 90q
'87 5ktq (donor, for something...)
ex '86 4kq
ex '87 5ktq

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