tie rod end removal

Peter Kirby peterk at nrs.mcgill.ca
Sun Apr 8 11:52:02 EDT 2001

My left tie rod end is in need of replacement.  Other than hiring someone to
do it, what is the easiest way of doing this?

So far (without using a torch) I have not been able to loosen the locking
nut on the adjuster. I'm afraid of applying huge amounts of torque for fear
of transfering this torque to the tie rod coupling/rack (see Bentley 48.19).
Is it easier to take off the whole tie rod, then remove the tie rod end from
the tie rod while it's on a bench.  If so, what's the trick in getting the
inboard side of the tie rod end off the "tie rod coupling" (there isn't room
to back out the bolts holding the tie rod to the coupling) -- does the
coupling itself have to come off, presumably by loosening the coupling nuts
from underneath?



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