Lug Bolt Lube?

Robert Myers robert at
Mon Apr 9 17:31:05 EDT 2001

Hi Y'all,

Just this past Saturday I swapped my summer wheels/tires for the 
winters.  I had almost forgotten how much better the summer rubber 
feels.  While doing the job I managed to break a socket while loosening a 
lug bolt.  The bolt was THAT tight!  The bolts were properly torqued when 
installed last fall - I did them myself.  I realize that it would be 
embarrassing (to say the least) to have a wheel fall off because a lug bolt 
worked itself loose.  That's why I'm a bit hesitant to use any form of 
lubrication on the lug bolts.  That said, is there a "proper" lubricant for 
such use?  Or should I just leave 'em dry and possibly break another socket 
next time?


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