It's official, a 2.3 4000 quattro is amazing....

Aaron Gibson crankshaft at
Mon Apr 9 19:38:58 EDT 2001


I just bought a 5000CSTQ and drove it home (VT) from New Jersey. When I
first put my eyes on it I thought "what a watermelon on wheels". Well
once I got on the highway and gave it the gas I was sold on the Turbo
motor. It hauled butt all the way back and I got 30 miles to the gallon.
Now to my question. How can a 2.3 natural even come close to the power
a 2.3 turbo? My intention is to use this motor for my 4000Q swap and I
just want to make sure I'm not missing any better options. I have a 1990
80Q and it seems peppy but not that peppy. Thank you for your help.


urquattro wrote:
> This is cool to see ... my congratulations to you Brendan!
> I have always felt that the high compression NF/NG engine is all too often
> overlooked in favor of the turbos.  In stock trim the NF/NG doesn't have
> that much less HP than the MC ... and there's no worries about turbo lag.
> Sure the MC can go over 200HP ... but it does take work ... and as you wrote
> it sounds the NF/NG is a much simpler transplant ... especially into the 4kQ
> ... no special airbox mods, no bent tie rods ... no figuring out the core
> support and where to mount the IC ...
> Enjoy!
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> > "Wow" is one word for the engine transplant.
> >
> > To sum up, I (a very general "I") took a 2.3 NF-code engine from an 88
> 5000
> > quattro, had it rebuilt, and reassembled it. Then I threw it into my 4kq
> > and started it up. What a difference!
> > The car is like a bullet, and revs freely up to redline (not that I've hit
> > it much around town). I love the feel of unlimited torque, and once I
> > replace the exhaust with something a little less civil, I think this car
> > will be a rocket.
> >
> > This engine literally just "drops in" with no harness or drivetrain
> > modifications, and is a great mod for the person who doesn't want to deal
> > with those lame issues involved in a turbo transplant (can't wait for the
> > flame mail).

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