jamex stress bar

Swann, Benjamin R. (BSWANN) BSWANN at arinc.com
Tue Apr 10 17:44:58 EDT 2001


I got mine through a Q-list special(quattro at audifans.com) over a year ago.
I thought they had been discontinued, but I see you can get them through
Q-list in copy - Perhaps someone else knows a less expensive source.

BTW, I got Boge TG as well - nice.  I've been contemplating upgrading wheels
and tires - someday.  Actually, was looking at 15" shod with Kumho Exta
Supra 712 205/50VR15 from tirerack.  Still I'm too cheap to shell out just
yet, when my 14" Pirellis seem to do just fine.

'85 4kcstqw - Jamex Stress Bar, 264 Cam, Stebro exhaust.  Engine upgrade,
Paint job, Wheels/Tires  - future plans.

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Thanks. Where did you buy bar, how much. I see that Blaufergnugen has em for
about $280. 

FYI - the Boge turbo shocks made a big difference in my handling. Then the
recent Nitto 450 16's really did. It is a little bumpy now on uneven
pavement but flies through the corners!


2001 Apr 10 - 12:09
"Swann, Benjamin R.  (BSWANN)" <BSWANN at arinc.com>
>I like the bar.  It attaches at both the tower and the top of the strut.  I
>welded studs in the towers, although you can drill through and bolt as some
>have done.
>I have yet to really put mine to the test, as this car is still running 14"
>tires and wheels on stock suspension.  Handles great even stock.
>The bar looks good too - better than others I've seen.
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>From: Jay Kurts [mailto:jk at bwn.net]
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>Subject: jamex stress bar
>I have an 86 4000 CS quattro and am considering a stress bar. 
>I have replaced shocks with Boge turbo gas and am running 16" wheels /
>tires. I run the car on the track with the Audo club occasionally.
>What do you think of stress bar upgrade?

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