Questions about hot-rodding an I-5

Mihnea Cotet mihnea_cotet at
Wed Apr 11 00:13:40 EDT 2001

Hi again!

I was just wondering if Jukka's friends did the head work too or just the 
cam and stuff...
I'm expecting a few more HP's, as the NF is a 2.3 (more power without the 
cat than a 2.2 :) )and it also has bigger intake valves than the KV (that I 
have in my car)...
That's what I also thought, as these mods increase the engine's efficiency, 
but a friend of mine told me that I would have a messy idle with a 276 
degree Jukka seemed to write, there were no such problems...
Also, for those of you who are into more technical stuff, what timing 
advance/retard should I use with an adjustable cam sprocket for maximum low 
end torque? As low end torque will be higher, I'm expecting not to have to 
redline the engine as much as before, so my fuel economy should be even I right?

Thankx to all,


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