Hesitation and Stalling on 89 200TQA

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> funny you should say that cuz I did do an engine flush recently to reduce
>  valve noise and it actually worked.  so i'm not sure that's the cause.
>  someone mentioned the thermo time switch but I'm not sure where that's
>  located but i'm sure you'll tell me.  I do remember that being the culprit
>  on a hard starting vw scirocco many moons ago.  thanx.

Engine flush products in the oil will reduce some of the varnish/deposits 
internally, but won't affect deposits on the intake valves...
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Perhaps you have heavy deposits on the intake valves... initially, the fuel
is soaked up by the deposits, leaving the mixture lean; once it's run a bit,
the deposits are saturated, and it runs ok...
I think you can have the valves walnut shell blasted in place, or try one of
those heavy duty cleaners...

Before you do this, make sure you go through the troubleshooting procedures
on Scott Mockry's page:

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