Binghamton area get together...2nd try. (also Fam. album)

Larry C Leung l.leung at
Wed Apr 11 00:28:57 EDT 2001

Oh, THAT FIGURES! (I was just in Bingo last weekend!)


On Tue, 10 Apr 2001 18:42:46 EDT BrutKobain at writes:
>well we all know last time was snowed out... (c'mon....what happened 
>and only mark, andrew and myself made it to fridays.
>So once again I'd like to try and get a few guys together, and I'm 
>SURE now 
>there won't be any more snow...(well it is binghamton so who 
>so can we get a group of people together who wants to meet up say the 
>beginning of May or so?
>On a side note, I've been recieving emails referring to the family 
>album...yes it is still available until the middle of may, so come get 
>while its still up. it's an older version with the documented 
>issues, but its still running...size is 250mb or so.
>let me know.
>89 200q
>Binghamton NY

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