[urq] New TT commercial Audi's BEST EVER!!

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Wed Apr 11 01:42:10 EDT 2001

> On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, Joseph Rae wrote:
> ]WOW... I walked into the room just as Michelle was talking about Audi...
> ]Anyone else seen ad for the TT? It has Michelle Narrating the whole ad, and
> ]shows movies of the Rally urq and Sport Quattros!!!!
c a l i b a n writes:
> 	michelle who?

Michele Mouton.  She's the first and only woman to win a world rally
championship, in an Audi Quattro back in 1981.  She's up there in
Audidom stature along with Hannu, Stig, Walter, Hans, Hurley, Frank,
Emanuele, et. al...  Do I need to specify their last names and bio
too? :-)

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