WRX wagon vs A4

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Fri Apr 13 10:59:25 EDT 2001

I've driven both, somewhat briefly.
They handle and feel the same.  The wagon is clearly the more practical
of the two, but the sedan is just different enough that I think the
aftermarket will favor the sedan.  Eibach tells me they don't plan on
doing springs for the wagon, but will for the sedan.  And yet, the head
of PR at Subaru told me that the suspensions are identical.

Drive em - the quality is definitely not up to Audi quality, but the car
has some good qualities, the first of which is price.  The 1.8tq sedan I
saw at the auto show was OVER $30k.  

Mike Del Tergo wrote:
> Has anyone got any seat time in the WRX "wagon"?
> I notice it is virtually identical to
> the "space/volume/legroom"
> specs of the A4 Avant.  Virtually all height width volume
> numbers within an inch or 1 Cu Ft.  The track on the
> Audi is 3 inches longer, but overall length is very close.
> I am familiar with the power differences, most of
> which can be overcome in the Audi, but was wondering what
> anyone who was thinking avant, thought of the Sube.  My
> local dealer only has had sedans so far, which I haven't ventured
> to drive..
> Mike
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