governor operation t44 a/t

William Magliocco magliocc at
Sun Apr 15 11:46:51 EDT 2001

Yes, your information is the best to date.  I was
getting thrown by the lack of _obvious_ AT fluid
connections as shown by the Bentley's exploded view. 
I was also thrown by reading unrelated material...i.e.
test reports on Audi A8 that say the "governed top
speed" is 150 MPH (my # not theirs).

So, the generic explainations (that I have read) of
how a A/T govenor valve works still holds true on the
44's transmission.  Thank you for clearing that up.

Now, let's get to the meat of my problem.  Diff case
sprang leak months ago, apparently one of the
driveshaft seals gave way soon after a tranny/diff
swap and diff case refill with everyone's favorite
synthetic diff oil (redline).

While driving through the VA mountains, my wife
reported the car was severely shuddering and the
speedo quit.  I verified these facts, and we towed the
car the rest of the way to Atlanta (fortunately, a 91
Jetta was on the tow dolly.

While putting the car up on the dolly, there were
clear signs of diff oil leakage coming from the area
of the drive shaft flanges.  

Once settled at our new home, I did remove the speedo
pickup to find the plastic gear _melted_.  So it got
hot when the diff oil got too low.

I've left the car alone since August/Sept. and am now
trying to decide if I should try one more time to fix
it.  A local tranny guy took the car out for a spin
last fall and declared the governor was bad.  The
vibration in question comes into play around 15 MPH if
memory serves me right.

Other research about this governor indicates that the
pinion gear you speak about is probably shot.  There
is a company that sells certain parts for the
transmission and the gear at the end of the governor
is made of glass filled nylon.  Assuming that the gear
is similar in composition to the one on the speedo
pickup, I would guess that governor's gear melted too.

Would really like to find out the specific differences
in the governors, though.

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