Ex lister....

Larry C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Mon Apr 16 00:16:04 EDT 2001

323 GTX - AWD and on the street cars, ALL diffs are open, no provision
for locking. From what I read, caused some difficulties in putting power
down in tight corners, wheel would lift in GTi fashion, and wheelspin
would begin.


On Sun, 15 Apr 2001 17:53:31 -0700 (PDT) Sheffield Corey
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>Hi Avi,
>I believe you are right. My guess would have been a
>Mazda 323 GLX or whatever they called those AWD
>turbo's sub-compacts they made in the late '80, but I
>did not want to commit to that identification in front
>of such an august group of automotive
>afficianados(sp?) :-)
>Again...Happy Easter to all!!
>--- Avi Meron <avim at pacbell.net> wrote:
>> Paul runs Mazda 4 wheel drive GLC, I think.
>> The lady with him might have been his wife.
>> Avi
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>> Along the same line...
>> I was watching a rally from Nevada on SpeedVision
>> last
>> week and saw Paul Timmerman, of "Schappnel Knobben"
>> fame, running a vehicle I did not recognize. He had
>> a
>> young lady riding right seat with him and his
>> progress
>> was shown and mentioned more than once. I do not
>> believe he placed in the top three of his class, but
>> he was making a decent show of it.
>> I hope that all of you are having a fine Easter.
>> Later,
>> Shef
>> >Places 6th in the Oregon Trails Rally last week 4/8
>> >BUT he's now
>> >running a WRX. Remenber Ramana Lagemann??? It looks
>> >like he's
>> >running the full SCCA Pro Rally Tour.
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