Audi sport

HDwatki at HDwatki at
Mon Apr 16 21:03:41 EDT 2001

           It really gives me great pleasure to Watch team Audi completely in 
control in sportscar racing.   If it's not the R8's cleaning everyones 
clocks,it's Lou Gilotti and his S4 handing it to the Vipers and Corvettes.  A 
since of pride I suppose over comes me when I get the change to give it to a 
Integra of a Mustang on the twisties
All the great cars from Auto Union/Audi,and the people who drove 
them,Buffum,Mutton,Mikola and let us not forget the great Rosemeyre.  We 
drive cars from a company the has created some of the greatest cars of all 
time as well as driver.  Even with their problems we all share a little of 
the greatness in each of the cars we drive.


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