Audi sport

Aaron Gibson crankshaft at
Mon Apr 16 22:12:08 EDT 2001

Sniff,, I'm moved. I would tend to agree you.


HDwatki at wrote:
>            It really gives me great pleasure to Watch team Audi completely in
> control in sportscar racing.   If it's not the R8's cleaning everyones
> clocks,it's Lou Gilotti and his S4 handing it to the Vipers and Corvettes.  A
> since of pride I suppose over comes me when I get the change to give it to a
> Integra of a Mustang on the twisties
> All the great cars from Auto Union/Audi,and the people who drove
> them,Buffum,Mutton,Mikola and let us not forget the great Rosemeyre.  We
> drive cars from a company the has created some of the greatest cars of all
> time as well as driver.  Even with their problems we all share a little of
> the greatness in each of the cars we drive.
> Duane

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