Exlister-now 323gtx

Erik R eringelberg at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 16:23:23 EDT 2001

>323 GTX - AWD and on the street cars, ALL diffs are open, no provision for 
>locking. From what I read, caused some difficulties in putting >power down 
>in tight corners, wheel would lift in GTi fashion, and >wheelspin would 

Partially correct. I had a 88 GTX prior to my Audis. The center dif was
electronically lockable. Lift was due to a metal bracket that stopped the 
control arms from having a full range of droop. Easily removable. Rear lift 
was similar to the GTI regardless in that it only hurt times very minimally. 
Spin only happened with non-R tires.

Lots of good group-N parts initially. Then parts declined to nil. I had the 
last box of bearing washers in the US, from Mazdacomp. I gave up when the 
flexichassis started breaking, and the weasely son of the great rally driver 
reneged on the last set of Dirtra rally struts left.

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