CIS-E III Code Troubleshooting Question

Christopher Ritchie critchie1 at
Wed Apr 18 00:50:35 EDT 2001

The engine in my 1988 5KSQ idles at 1200 rpms, momentarily dropping to 1000 
rpms.  It does this to a pattern.

Pulling the codes gives me "4444", "1111", "4444", "1111".  I stopped at 
that point.  The Bentley tells me that "4444" = OK, and that "1111" = a 
defective ignition control, knock sensor, unit (driver's side kick panel).  
But then it states that the fault codes are first displayed for the ignition 
control unit.  Then faults from the fuel injection control unit (passenger 
side kick panel) are displayed.  Huh?  Which one is defective?  The ignition 
or fuel injection control units?

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