Michelin Man in Canada?

Efraim egav at wireless2000.com
Wed Apr 18 00:44:39 EDT 2001

I paid $90 for mine at a small repair shop here in Vancouver. Parts
department at the local Audi dealer quoted $240. If you are interested, let
me know and I will send you a phone number to call.
'88 5KCDTQ  328K km (203K mi) , 1.8 Bar
'90 90 103K km (64K mi)
Vancouver, Canada

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Subject: Michelin Man in Canada?

> Hi Guys
> Considering that Loctite 404 is holding my split michelin man hose
> together I thought I'd price one at the local dealer.  I thought
> $175CAD was a bit much.  Are there any other more reasonable options,
> preferably found in Canada?   What is a good US price?
> Burl Vibert
> 1987 5kcstq (in need of it's monthly sacrifice to the Audi Gods)
> Kingston, Ontario

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