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Wed Apr 18 18:15:14 EDT 2001

Sure, sure, it had climate control from


On Wed, 18 Apr 2001 11:09:04 -0400 Steve Rosen <srosen at>
>But it had  great ac.
>urquattro wrote:
>> > Click here: What's the Worst Car of the Millennium?:
>> > > The Results
>> > >
>> > <>
>> >
>> ... interesting site.  The thing that I found amazing was that when 
>I saw
>> the listing for the Chevette I remembered the time shortly after 
>buying the
>> urq that Carlsen gave me one of these as a loaner!  Drive in in an 
>ury and
>> away in a Chevette ... what's wrong with this picture?  This was 
>back in the
>> '80s when the speed limit was 55MPH, and my comment then was that if 
>> government really wanted people to go no faster than 55 they would 
>> mandated that everyone drive Chevettes.  That was the only car I've 
>> driven that scared me going straight down the freeway at 55.  I 
>thought that
>> the car I had was a poorly maintained example, but I guess not!
>> Steve Buchholz
>> San Jose, CA (USA)

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