85 5kt power steering problem

Huw Powell audi at mediaone.net
Thu Apr 19 11:41:40 EDT 2001

> I have a 5kt that seems to want to give me a lot of grief lately.
> At first it was the electrical door jam issue for the second time.
> Which
> brings up the question of what method of splicing do other listers use
> to
> effect this repair? The usual crimp connectors make a huge bundle in a
> too
> small space. Any other creative cures?

don't do the splicing in the "hinged" part - replace a small sectionof
wire so the splices (there will be two per wire now) are inside the car
and inside the door.  Personally I prefer soldering and heat shrinking
splices, others prefer crimp connectors.

Huw Powell



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