Jenny Curtis jenny at
Thu Apr 19 15:02:19 EDT 2001

Glad you guys brought this topic up.   I was reminded of the
less-than-perfect performance I put up with from my Blaupunkt
equipment just this morning.   A good song came on the radio so I
turned it way up and heard snap, crackle pop from the back seat . The
receiver is the stock AM/FM cassette that came with the car
(manufactured by BLAUPUNKT for AUDI).  Last summer I replaced the rear
speakers with brand new Blaupunkt (can't remmeber model number, but it
was one recommended by crutchfield for its compatibility with the
car).  I have a brand spanking new antenena, so where could this
crackle be coming from?  I still have the original front speakers in
(they are just turned way down).

The thing is I'm not a particularly demanding audiofile when it comes
to car stereos.  Especially since they get stolen so frequently, my
philosophy has always been to have something simple to operate that I
can rock out to occasionally.   It's frustrating cause I've already
spent more money and effort than I did on my Trooper when I replaced
the stock radio and speakers with the cheapest possible radio shack
models and a new antennae.   The sound was about 100 Xs better than
what I'm getting now.

Any ideas?

Jenny Curtis

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