LAC - Which version of Quattro was the Synchro

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at
Thu Apr 19 17:42:38 EDT 2001

How is it that it is more dangerous than the other 90% of the vehicles out 
there? Perhaps your friend should learn to drive within his/her, and the cars 
limits, no?

As far as safety is concerned, hands down, I'd rather be in my 90q than my old 
4kq. If we're talking control and predictability at the limits, that's still up 
for debate, but I am not the type of moron to put himself into an uncontrolled 
situation on public roads (and private homes!) finding those limits.

'89 90q (aparantly safe(r))
'87 5ktq (donor)

Quoting Mihnea Cotet <mihnea_cotet at>:

> The Syncro was none of them.
> Actually, it's got a center diff that disengages the rear transmission
> from 
> the engine via a second clutch during deceleration. It's only a 
> snow-starting help, but not as useful as the 5k quattro or even as the
> TorSen quattro, which, for me is a real crap, as it's more dangerous on
> snow 
> as the first generation of the quattro systems (80-88). A friend of mine
> nearly hit a house while attempting to corner a 90 degree crossroad at
> about 
> 50 mph on snow. The 4-2 downshift and full throttle didn't work, nor did
> the 
> handbrake and steering wheel help at all. He was just going straight
> ahead 
> towards that house. The only thing that helped him not hit the house was
> the 
> pavement border that was about 5 feet from the house and that stopped
> him.
> With a pre-88 quattro system, I never had such problems, as I love a lot
> playing with my quattro on snow, which is really rare here in Belgium.
> Here was my quattro testimonial..

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