HELP! small puddle of H2O in my 200-TQ...

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Apr 19 19:05:25 EDT 2001

I have had erratic occurrences like this.  the front one becamse healed
after I carefully sealed around the windsheild with RTV.

the rear one is mroe recent, and does not lend itself yet to diagnosis -
however, I do suspect the B-pillar cover trim, or its mounting holes. 
further investigation is still required.  I have not yet tested the
sunroof drains.

Jacques Fournier wrote:
> I have found the same thing in my '88 90 and tested
> the sun roof drains.  (They drain through the A and C
> pillars by the way) All checked out fine.  I have no
> idea where this is comming from either since it
> happens even when I don't use A"C.  I looking at the
> trunk next.
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Huw Powell

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